authorization. Back to power more than 1,000 stores nationwide,

5 Feb 2015

, no one can accurately predict. Further expand overseas markets, the downturn in international trade background and full of variables. Intent to make a difference at home and abroad are still back in time to face challenges. Based on the domestic: open only to continue to optimize the layout of authorization based on the domestic market, only emboldened to facenike huarache all kinds of challenges. Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Yuming, said in an interview with reporters, for the continued expansion of domestic brand influence, back over the years, “Fangshuiyangyu” for authorization. Currently, the back of the domestic market reached 1 billion, half of which comes from authorization. Back to power more than 1,000 stores nationwide,

only a small part of the back of the self. “And before the back of the wholesale level, only 7% to 8% of the profits, and now opened their own stores, gross profit rose 25%.” In the back of each store, located in the back of the mass sports want to make “a person has shoes. “Warrior has gradually get rid of vulcanized sneakers mainly old situation of young people in favor of the introduction of the popular art of hand-painted sneakers, but also the production of shoes, warm shoes, slippers, shoes, children’s shoes, so that the whole family in all seasons can buy all kinds of

shoes. Among them, the fashion casual shoes back to force the introduction of 500 new products every year, new tricks. According to reports, back shoes shoes in the market, only 10% of sports shoes, 60% for fashion casual shoes, children’s shoes accounted for 30%. Yuming said, “Warrior shoes have sold 6 million per year, is back in the little train fans.” converse all star December 24, Wei (CAMKIDS) shoes Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the GEM UK, became the first to visit the capital market shoes enterprises. 2009 launched the brand CAMKIDS (Camel), through differentiated positioning teenagers outdoor equipment, just three years has become the leading brand. Mingwei adhering to the “love of peers and” adolescent healthy growth of the corporate philosophy,




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