officially launched on December 1, aboard the aircraft carrier Chines

5 Feb 2015

officially launched on December 1, aboard the aircraft carrier Chinese music will be January 1, 2013 into Quanzhou. By then, many of China’s top music stars, including singers, including instructors, will continue in “goodair max 1 voice” tour, led by a good voice students staged a match-ups with popular music. “Good Sound” tour Quanzhou station, more than 20 super-popular “good voice” participants will form teams of four gold staged Hoop Summit, Na Ying, Harlem Yu, Yang Kun, Wang Feng, Coco Lee and other Chinese top star instructors will take turns debut tour in. In addition, Jay, Karen and other famous singers most likely to help out concert tour to contribute. Portrait of sponsorship to promote the brand strategy to upgrade The Voice of China is committed

to searching for the Voice of China shocked the world, providing the public to show the character and charm of music dream stage. And Biao Mountain Wolf brand is committed to creating the character of motion of the first brand, promote positive, aggressive pursuit of individual self-spirit, encourage young people to adhere to the dream, with 100% of the enterprising spirit to achieve their goals. At this point, soared Mountain Wolf and The Voice of China is the same, and this is an important reason for hand soared Mountain Wolf The Voice of China world tour Quanzhou station. Biao Mountain Wolf relevant responsible person said, soared Mountain Wolf is a strategic branding and press orderly planning. The Voice of China to become the world tour concert

Quanzhou station only designated casual sports shoes, also opened the big screen in 2013 soared Mountain Wolf brand strategy to upgrade. A few years ago, back in English registered brand Warriors brand sports shoes suddenly became popular in Europe and America, the trend drove back home after, back then again “rejuvenated.” Then, air max 180 back in the old factory site in Yangpu District, a high-profile opening of the flagship store, there are more than 1,000 domestic stores also sell long red, which confirms the back of an old domestics turned gorgeous. Shanghai back to force the old brand was founded in 1927, born out of China’s oldest tire brand. Although in recent years, but back in the old domestics youthful glow, but the domestic market can “eat” How long




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