photos, they will be in accordance with customer requirements

5 Feb 2015

in support of sports undertakings in China at the same time, enhance the visibility and influence of the Double Star brand. Binary agency also competing in touch with local schools, government departments, will sponsor some sports, such as, well publicized the brand and enhance the image and expand sales. Double Star sports soon, each associated with a sports marketing activities are very productive. For this reason, in 2012 and in the future a longer period of time, the Double Star will continue to adhere to the sports marketing strategy. Is shown as a national brand leveraging sports, continue to the world of passion and strength, showing the Chinese national brand spirit and boldness. In the binary production workshop, we saw the launch of high-end custom binary shoes, one pair of shoesair max 95 a look, distinctive. Staff said that only need to provide customers with a relative or friend of the photos, they will be in accordance with customer requirements

pattern printed on the shoes, each pair of shoes are different, highly personalized. Today’s Double Star Group has been successful for the “Shenzhou VI”, “God seven” developed “Space shoes”, and the formation of a professional sports shoes series of products. Double Star professional basketball shoes, professional soccer shoes, professional shoes row, professional tennis shoes, tennis shoes, professional, professional badminton shoes, running shoes and other professional professional sports shoes, using the mechanical technique, biomechanics, ergonomics,

3D laser measurement technology, a number of core technologies, more in line with the needs of professional sports, and make life more exciting sport. Binary clothing sub-professional sports series, urban light sport series, leisure fashion series, sailing series, golf series, celebrity series of six classes to sports, leisure, health, happiness anchored, simple and elegant style, with bright colors and dynamic, fabric health and safety highlights the brand’s high-end sports binary image. Explore the outdoors and enjoy life. Dengfeng outdoor climbing shoes binary binary aggregation years experience in footwear combines cutting-edge tire manufacturing air max 90 essential technologies, with unparalleled grip and abrasion resistance. Outdoor Jackets using high-tech fabrics,




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